The Uno team is joining Okta! Uno will be sunset November 1. Thank you all for the support ❤️

The internet can be hard to use

Uno is a
manager you’ll
love using.

Our mission is to make security easy and accessible for everyone. Read more about our vision on our blog.

Image of the Uno app for iOS and the web.
Icons Browser Options

1-Click login anywhere, with Uno.

Passwords, 2FA, Magic Links, and SSOs are magically handled for you.

No need to
remember any

Unlock your Uno account with just FaceID/TouchID.

Trusted Contacts keep your account recoverable, should anything happen to your device.

No need to worry about remembering a master password or writing down a long secret phrase.

Get all the superpowers.

Good security unlocks great conveniences.
Here’s some of the things Uno can empower you with.

Peekaboo. View your recent email without leaving the current webpage.

Quickly, conveniently access your Uno with Command + Shift + K

Passwords and single sign on choices save automatically

Securely share passwords with coworkers, friends, family.

Strong Password Generation

Automatic 2 Factor Authentication Detection

An easier, more secure
internet awaits.